Silicon Graphics MIRATEK is certified as an SGI Federal Systems Integrator and an SGI Service Advocate. MIRATEK was awarded the SGI Outstanding Achievement Award – 2000

Multi-Gen Paradigm MIRATEK is a certified technical partner and value add reseller for MultiGen Paradigm services/products

Sun MicroSystems MIRATEK is certifed as a Sun Government Systems Integrator

PsiTech PsiTech and MIRATEK have teamed on several digital camera and real time high speed storage development project efforts for Federal Agencies. PsiTech, Inc. is the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for digital film systems. These systems provide solutions for the lossless real time capture, transmission, storage, and display of moving digital images requiring bandwidths of up to 10Gbs.

ESRI – Environmental Systems Research Institute – ArcView Software Used by MIRATEK on multiple GIS Development projects

PTC MIRATEK is a value add PTC business partner 

Oracle MIRATEK is an Oracle business partner

Cisco MIRATEK is a Cisco Systems business partner

Isilon Systems MIRATEK is a Isilon Systems business partner. Isilon is the leader in clustered storage. Isilon’s award-winning family of Isilon IQ products consists of high-performance clustered storage systems that combine an intelligent distributed file system with modular industry-standard hardware to deliver unmatched simplicity and scalability. Isilon IQ was designed for unstructured data and for use in data-intensive markets such as media and entertainment, digital imaging, life sciences, oil and gas and government.

SGI MIRATEK is an authorized SGI Federal Systems Integrator.  SGI is focused on helping customers solve their most demanding technology challenges by delivering high performance computing, server, storage, data center and cloud computing solutions and professional services. The company develops, markets and sells a broad line of low-cost, mid-range and high-end scale-out and scale-up servers and data storage solutions, as well as differentiating software. SGI sells infrastructure products designed-to-order for large-scale data center deployments.