Fort Huachuca Project



The MIRATEK  team conducted a Cultural Resources Survey of 4,000 Acres of the South Range at Fort Huachuca. The primary survey goal is to expand on previous efforts in support of mission objectives. To do this, approximately 4,000 acres were surveyed; all identified sites documented and their NRHP eligibility evaluated in accordance with the ICRMP.  Task 2 of this project involved the NRHP-eligibility evaluation of 35 previously unevaluated archaeological sites distributed across the Ft. Huachuca training ranges.

This work will start the process of evaluating the 151 unevaluated sites that are currently treated as eligible and must be taken into consideration as part of current and future military missions. Task 3 requires the inventory and NRHP-eligibility assessment of approximately 110 buildings constructed between 1882 and 1960 at Fort Huachuca. The was performed under guidance from Section 110 of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, as amended  (NHPA), which requires federal agencies to identify and evaluate cultural resources under their jurisdiction.

Fort Huachuca has an obligation under the NHPA to conduct an inventory of historic properties on the lands it manages and evaluate their potential for listing in the NRHP. Our team conducted the necessary and appropriate archival research to document the history and significance of the buildings under study.