Management Support Services Contract (5 Year Task Order ID/IQ Contract) – Fort Bliss Department of Public Works – Environmental Division (FB DPW-ED)



MIRATEK assisted FB DPW – ED in developing an Environmental Strategic Plan for Fort Bliss that will ensure a cost effective program, proper integration of all Fort Bliss mission areas, and promoting environmental stewardship.  Program structure based on four pillar areas of major activity Compliance, Conservation, Pollution Prevention, and Restoration.  As part of this contract effort MIRATEK provides various Environmental Compliance, Planning and Documentation services.

Task order requirements included the following:

  • T&E Plant Species/Carrying Capacity/Endangered Species Field Studies.
  • Provided technical assistance for NEPA actions/reviews conducted at Fort Bliss
  • Developed a Wetland and Waters of the U.S. Mitigation, Monitoring, and Management Plan (WMP).
  • Developed Cultural and Natural Resources division archaeological project reports, to disseminate scientific data gathered during the course of archeological field and laboratory work.
  • Prepared analyzed, modeled, and designed a Cultural GIS Database to insure compliance with cultural and environmental management problems.
  • Coordinated all range planning/liaison activities field (natural resources and cultural resources) activities at McGregor Range by using critical path analysis tools and providing Range Liaison support with key military command units.
  • Tracked and documented all Environmental Assessments (EAs), Environmental Impact Statements (EISs) and Environmental Baseline Surveys (EBSs).
  • Environmental Analysis: Conducted studies on environmental enforcement actions and EPAS findings for the Army, including the identification trends and needs for Army environmental training

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