El Paso Electric Environmental Operations and Maintenance Support



MIRATEK provides a variety of services to El Paso Electric Company (EPE) including, Environmental Engineering Services, Environmental Operation and Maintenance Services, Emergency Response Spill Services and other critical Environmental Engineering consulting services for EPE’s Environmental Department.  The work is performed at the various EPE facilities located in Texas and New Mexico.   Support includes:

  • Environmental maintenance and inspection services to maintain the structural integrity of secondary containments, drums, tanks and other containers of hazardous/nonhazardous chemicals
  • Provide PCB Environmental Program Management Services required by regulatory agencies TCEQ, NMED and EPA.
  • Emergency response (24 hours day/365 days per year) for responding to hazardous substances, nonhazardous spills and spills administered by EP and TSCA.
  • MIRATEK has a multi-disciplinary team of resource specialists on staff, effectively integrating engineering, environmental, scientific, and management skills to solve complex and unique problems faced by our Federal and Commercial clients.
  • MIRATEK has the technical expertise, capacity and depth, as well as proven project delivery systems in place to ensure a rapid and comprehensive response to client task orders. The firm’s response to client’s requirements is cost effective and efficient.
  • Our proactive and innovative services include a variety of natural resource planning and management activities.

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