Big Crow – Electronic Warfare Support



MIRATEK provides technical, administrative and program management support for all Big Crow Program Office (BCPO) efforts, including: providing electronic warfare and electro-magnetic (EW/EM) environments; interface with customers; and oversee general support contractors to ensure program requirements are contractually and financially met; providing a variety of air borne and ground platforms to perform electromagnetic vulnerability assessments, experiment support, research, Test & Evaluation (T&E), and training in a worldwide deployable mobile instrumented test and training range.

MIRATEK provides a myriad of program management support functions to the Big Crow Program Office (BCPO) through our unparalleled understanding of Big Crow operational and technical support requirements. The scope of this effort includes technical, analytical, advisory, and management support to the Space Electronic Warfare Detachment Big Crow Program Office. MIRATEK’s primary tasks include program control support, management analysis and advisory assistance, engineering support, technical review and analysis, air service management, resource scheduling, administrative support of Local Area Network/Wide Area Network (LAN/WAN), data review and analysis, Computer-Aided Design (CAD)/graphics design support, and logistical management of over $300M in government property.

MIRATEK supports the requirements for security services provided to the Army Space (ARSPACE) Command. The BCPO is required to develop, accredit, and staff a CONUS-based secure operation consisting of a closed storage, multi-caveat, Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) that will also house several associated Special Access Program (SAP)/Special Access Requirements (SAR) programs. In support of this requirement, MIRATEK assisted BCPO in transitioning from a Government-Owned Government-Operated (GOGO) to a Government-Owned Contractor-Operated (GOCO) operation for all security related requirements (e.g., facility/physical security, information security, collateral and compartmented operations).


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