Opt. Specialist, 1973, Optical Sciences, U. of Arizona, Tucson, Ariz.Grad. Work, 67-72, Electrical Engineering, New Mexico State U., Las Cruces, NM 1964, BSME, Mechanical Engineering, San Jose State U., San Jose, CA 1960, AA, Physics, Bakersfield College, Bakersfield, CA

Professional Experience Summary

In December of 1998 started with Miratek Corporation as the Program Manager for Government Programs. Activities include supporting White Sands Missile Range on Central Test and Evaluation Program funded projects such as the Active Phased Array Radar and the Advanced Multiple Object Acquisition System. Support Miratek environmental projects at Ft. Bliss in a Management Consultant capacity. Advise the President and CEO of Miratek on risk, potential and preparation of proposals for U. S. Government work to include Environmental opportunities.

In 1996 became the Executive Director for the National Range. Responsibilities as the Executive Director include the management of 2,000 technical personnel, structured into five operating directorates. Primary functions under my responsibility included: airspace control and flight safety, data collection, data reduction, range control, airspace and land area scheduling, instrumentation development, communications, facilities engineering, air support services, and environmental protection. Had primary responsibility for operating and maintaining over 3.2 million acres of test range that is White Sands Missile Range. National Range is dedicated to providing DOD major range support to all uniformed services, other government agencies and contractors; undertaking research and development efforts in support of National defense and space exploration objectives. In addition to the role of leading this activity, was constantly involved with direct participation of the technical activities to include developing new programs; preparing proposals to obtain funds to execute programs; providing alternatives and solutions to technical issues; and direct interaction with Congressional staffers, Army and DOD leadership to keep funding flowing on programs. Significant activities during this tenure included successful management of the complex organization through a reduction of about 20% of the civil service personnel and budget. As the first line supervisor for the Director of Environment and Safety, was involved in all environmental activities at White Sands Missile Range to include preparation of NEPA documentation to include the range-wide EIS, remediation activities, mitigation, compliance, conservation, development of the White Sands GIS and dealings with the State of New Mexico and the EPA.

As the Director of National Range Operations (1992-1996), managed the range activities that will bring White Sands Missile Range into the 21st century. Important milestones achieved during this period included technical leadership and participation in the following: preparing for and firing the first Theater Missile Defense (TMD) missile (the Theater High Altitude Area Defense, THAAD) for the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization (BMDO) to include the successful preparation of the EIS that allowed for missile firings to be conducted from Ft. Wingate ,New Mexico; supporting to completion the Delta Clipper (vertical launch/land, single stage to orbit prototype for NASA/BMDO); formulating and negotiating about 85 individual contracts through the Corps of Engineers for use of private land (1.5 million acres) to use as extension areas for White Sands Missile Range; successfully bringing the Aerial Cable Range on-line such that it resulted in over $40M cost avoidance in the first 12 months of operation (the facility cost just over $30M to build); consolidating six major contracts into a single omnibus support services contract that is currently saving White Sands about $10M per year; and initiation of a new Range Control Center (~ $40M) that will be completed in Feb 99.

As Director of Instrumentation Development (1990-1992), had the responsibility for the development of all instrumentation and facilities for White Sands to include radars, optics, telemetry and computer systems. Significantly leadership and direct technical participation caused a turn around on three programs that were struggling. The first of these was the Multiple Object Tracking Radar (MOTR) which at a cost of over $120M (for four instruments) was about to become a white elephant. The MOTR is now a productive workhorse instrument not only for White Sands, but for Vandenberg and the Eastern Test Range (the “Cape”) as well. The other two programs that were turned around (they were on the verge of elimination) were the Smart Munitions Test Suite (SMTS) and the Aerial Cable Range (ACR). Through my initiative, technical expertise and guidance both of these programs were completely revised, funded and successfully completed. The activities on the ACR included successful completion of the EIS that allowed the facility to be constructed.

Achievements during years with the White Sands Directed Energy Directorate (1983-1990) included the initial development and activation of the High Energy Laser System Test Facility (HELSTF). For the five years as chief of the development activity, was successful in developing the technical projects, obtaining the funds to execute and then successfully bringing on line: all of the laser effects test areas (facilities, high-power cooled optics, diagnostic instrumentation, etc.); the Large Vacuum Test Facility (a 50 foot diameter vacuum chamber with high-power laser beam entry system and facility to prepare and handle large targets); the Pulsed Laser Vulnerability Test System ( a large, mobile, pulsed CO2 laser system); and facilities and diagnostic equipment for both the Navy’s Mid InfraRed Advanced Chemical Laser (MIRACL) and the Air Force’s Excimer Moderate power, Raman shifted, Laser Device (EMRLD). All of the preceding included successful preparation of required environmental documentation. During the two years, was Director and had full responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the HELSTF and was instrumental in bringing about the orderly transition of the HELSTF from White Sands ownership to Strategic Defense Command ownership.

Employed at White Sands Missile Range in 1966 as a Mechanical Engineer in the Optics Division of the Instrumentation Development Directorate. As noted above, held many positions of great responsibility throughout 32+ year career at White Sands Missile Range

1964-1966 IBM Corp., San Jose, CA. Mechanical Engineer responsible for the mechanical design of various computer and peripheral equipment.