Director of Commercial Programs

BS; 1967; Mathematics; University of Texas at El Paso

MS; 1972; Physics; University of Texas at El Paso

DS; 1983; Environmental Engineering;Saint Lucia Health Sciences University Castries West Indies

Professional Experience Summary :

Associate Professor of Information Technology in the Department of Information and Decision Sciences. He is the founder Director of UTEP’s Research Center for Entrepreneurial Development Advancement and Research. Former NASA Faculty Fellow with the California Institute of Technology. Twenty-five years in developing and implementing information Technology for industry and government. Other areas of expertise include: E-Commerce, Smart Communities, Strategic use of IT, ERPs and CRMs.

Experience at MIRATEK Corporation:

Dr. Gemoets is a Principal and Head of Commercial Development for MIRATEK Corporation. Dr. Gemoets is responsible for strategic planning and corporate development of new markets for the firm’s products/services. One of his multiple areas of expertise focuses in analyzing and applying concepts of Supply Chain Management on the International Manufacturing Industry. Dr. Gemoets is responsible for the implementation of commercial IT projects to customers such as El Paso Energy, El Paso Electric Company, Delphi Automotive, Scientific Atlanta and CAPSONIC Automotive.