Professional Engineering Services (PES)

GSA Multiple Award Schedule: GS-00F-003AA

Contract Period: October 01, 2012– September 17, 2017

Special Item Number (SIN): SIN C871-1 and SIN C871-4

Under the Multiple Award  Schedule, MIRATEK may provide federal Agencies and their contractors support to improve performance and accomplish mission goals through the use of specialized engineering services.

SIN Description C871-1
Strategic Planning for Technology Programs/Activities
Services required under this SIN involve the definition and interpretation of high-level organizational engineering performance requirements such as projects, systems, missions, etc., and the objectives and approaches to their achievement. Typical associated tasks include, but are not limited to an analysis of mission, program goals and objectives, requirements analysis, organizational performance assessment, special studies and analysis, training, privatization and outsourcing.

SIN Description C871-4 

Test and Evaluation 
Services required under this SIN involve the application of various techniques demonstrating that a prototype system (subsystem, program, project or activity) performs in accordance with the objectives outlined in the original design. Typical associated tasks include, but are not limited to testing of a prototype and first article(s) testing, environmental testing, independent verification and validation, reverse engineering, simulation and modeling (to test the feasibility of a concept), system safety, quality assurance, physical testing of the product or system, training, privatization and outsourcing.

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