March 18, 2008 — The White Sands Missile Range (WSMR) Contracting Office awarded ATAMIR-WSMR, JV a five-year, $110.2 million contract for the Test Engineering & Analysis Support (TE&AS) Services contract on March 6, 2008.
The TE&AS contract supports WSMR in meeting the needs of government and commercial customers testing at WSMR facilities. ATAMIR-WSMR has assembled an unequaled team to address the present and future needs of TE&AS Services at WSMR during a time of significant change and challenges. The ATAMIR-WSMR team offers WSMR hallmark competence built upon many years of experience in all aspects of Test and Evaluation at many of the nation’s test facilities.

ATAMIR-WSMR is a Joint Venture (JV) between Applied Technology Associates (ATA) and MIRATEK Corporation, with ATA as the managing partner. ATA and MIRATEK are currently successfully executing on another joint venture to provide support to the Army’s Big Crow program. ATAMIR-WSMR has partnered with current TE&AS 10-year incumbent, NCI Information Systems (NCI), as our primary partner and Core Team Member. ATAMIR-WSMR has been working with NCI as a subcontractor on the previous TE&AS contract, supplying employees to meet current surge requirements.
Serving as the ATAMIR WSMR Joint Venture lead and TE&AS Program Manager will be Joe Chavez, who has a long history of service at WSMR.

All current incumbent employees will remain on the ATAMIR-WSMR team. This continuity allows ATAMIR-WSMR to retain in place a high performance team with full knowledge, experience and insight into current and emerging future operations. ATAMIR-WSMR has carefully selected other members of the TE&AS and technology communities to support emerging technology or surge requirements as our Resource Partners. The team’s breadth and depth of capability is designed to support WSMR’s existing, future support, infrastructure development, and surge requirements.

The ATAMIR-WSMR team also brings specialized weapons systems knowledge, network architecture, security, and communications management resources to support White Sands’ goal of becoming the premier DoD facility for testing of Future Combat Systems and other Global Information Grid compliant weapons systems.


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