Dallas, TX April 2016 –  We leverage our deep and diverse skill base and our Health IT solutions to enable efficient information sharing, reduce paperwork collection and control efforts, and improve healthcare quality for SQLC.

In search of excellence in service delivery, Senior Quality Lifestyles (SQLC), has commissioned MIRATEK  to develop a strategic Technology Road-Map plan to guide investment in an advanced technology suite.  The proposed advanced SQLC technology suite include a base technology layer consisting of, work management, point of care, a customer information, and finance and accounting solution, plus more recent technologies such as decisions support tools, such as staff empowerment portals.  Currently,  SQLC  seeks to phase in the implementation of the technology suite over the next several years.

In addition, MIRATEK will provide a major technology (hardware/software) refresh to the existing SQLC infrastructure, and development of design of unique custom software tools (executive digital dashboards).


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